Tennis Hot Shots and Community Play

Tennis Hot Shots is a national coaching programme designed for kids. Smaller courts and racquets and softer tennis balls allows children to develop their skills faster. Hots Shots coaching combines fun, social interactions, and meaningful play to engage children and build motivation. Click here more informaton on the Tennis Hot Shots Programme.

WATCH: Tennis Hot Shots video.

Community Play is a play based coaching designed to give children an additional opportunity to play tennis in a fun, supportive environment. It is run by coaches but parents and guardians are encouraged to join in to assist with scoring and “being a good sport” messages. Community Play compliments the Tennis Hot Shots coaching.



  1. FREE means that there is no cost for Kilbirnie Tennis Club junior members. The course is open to Club members only. Non-members may try-out a lesson for FREE before joining.
  2. Self-funded lessons costs are for one session per week for the term. Self-funded lessons are open to club members and non-members.

Start Dates and Duration

  • FREE¹ Hot Shots Term 4 2021 lessons begin Sunday 24 October 2021. Duration 8 weeks.
  • FREE¹ Community Play Term 4 2021 sessions begin Friday 22 October 2021. Duration 8 weeks.
  • Self-funded Hot Shots lessons: See here for course start dates and duration,
  • FREE¹ Hot Shots Term 1 2022 lessons begin Sunday 6 February 2022. Duration 8 weeks.
  • FREE¹ Community Play Term 1 2022 sessions begin Friday 4 February 2022. Duration 8 weeks

Wet Weather Cancellations

If bad weather, Sunday and Friday lessons may be deferred to the following week and programme extended by a week. If too many rain-offs, the number of sessions may be reduced.

Lesson cancellation notices will be posted about an hour before the start of the Sunday and Friday lessons.


All Tennis Hot Shots coaching is delivered by our professional PLANITPRO coaches.

How to Sign Up

For Sunday and Friday sessions, just turn up a little early for your first session.

See here to sign up for the self-funded lessons.

What to Bring

Bring along your racquet, or if you don't have one you can borrow one at the club.

Wear comfortable clothes and suitable trainers and don't forget to bring a water bottle.

Bring Your Friends

Tell your friends and family about our Sunday Tennis Hot Shots and Friday Community Play lessons and bring them along too. First try-out lesson for non-members is FREE.

Start Playing Now!