Northcote Lawn Tennis Club History
Birkenhead Northcote Tennis Club, Little Shoal Bay

1909 - Birkenhead and Northcote Tennis Club Little Shoal Bay
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1935 - The Pavillion in Little Shoal Bay
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1964 - The Present Site before Developmental
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1965 - Newspaper clipping
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2000- Northcote Tennis Club

From early recognition as acknowledge leader of the Auckland Region's 1900's tennis culture, the Northcote Lawn Tennis club has  colourful history spanning four successive sites.

Based initially on land owned by Hancocks Breweries on Northcote's Point's Princess Street, then titled Birkenhead and Northcote Tennis Club. Shortly afterwards the club moved close by to a new property at the rear of Little Shoal Bay alongside the  Northcote Bowling club. 

The new location was popular and the club grew, making way for additional courts and a  two storey pavilion with tea rooms over looking the 5 courts. In 1932 an additional 5 courts with volcanic turf were added, making Northcote Tennis club the only club in the Auckland region to have winter courts . 

The enlarged facilities, flooding problems and the war made the upkeep of the club difficult by 1954 the battle against the elements was over and the club was in recession.

The Northcote College Years 
In 1957 a special general meeting was held and the club was reformed. The  club facilities at Little Shoal bay were deteriorated beyond repair so the club negotiated the use of three courts at Northcote College. Although playing times were severely limited it didn't stop the club fiercely competitng in interclub. The Birkenhead and Northcote Tennis Club was back in Business.

By 1961 the club membership lifted from 41 to 133 and approached the Northcote Borough Council for support in establishing their own courts.

A reclaimed area of Kororo Street off lake road was chosen as the new site. By 1963, the tennis club and council had agreed and application for funding started. In just four years the club executives had raised 2000 pounds of it's own, successfully sought a Golden Kiwi lottery grant of 3000 pounds and gained the support of the council in providing the land for free plus an additional 1000 pounds to assist the project

1965 - Present
By 1965 four courts were laid out and a 900 square foot pavilion was built. The club had a final home and in appreciation of the assistance provided by council it was renamed the NORTHCOTE LAWN TENNIS CLUB . In 1966 the club was officially opened by Norman King M.P. for Waitemata. 

Over the next 10 years the club flourished member numbers increases and working bees ensured the new facilities were properly maintained.

Demand for new courts grew and in 1975 and 2 new courts were added. Between 1985 and 1991 all courts were resurfaced to synthetic grass and flood lights were added.