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TKHP Tennis offer a comprehensive coaching program that allows players of all ages and abilities to get into the sport.

In the early stages, children can learn the fundamentals of the game in our Tennis Hot Shots programme. They can progress through our coaching pathway as their skill level increases. When players are ready, they can play in the Red or Orange Ball leagues and then progress to playing for a Te Kura Hagley Park team in the Canterbury interclub competition.

In addition to weekly team coaching, there is Winter Group Coaching, development squads and private coaching.

For adults, there are also coaching options for all stages of development. Our group options include “Tennis Xpress” for beginners, “intermediate" groups and advanced squad coaching for competitive senior interclub players. Private coaching is also available for adults of all abilities.

The coaching programme is managed by Head Coach Hugo Strang and Assistant Head Coach Noah Holmes, and supported by a great team of qualified coaches who boost the extensive programme with their enthusiasm and expertise. The coaching team creates an environment at the club that is inspiring, competitive and fun.

Hugo has been the Head Coach at the Te Kura Tennis Club since September 2011 and TKHP since the merger in 2017. Noah joined the team in 2019 after spending his formative coaching years in Wanaka.



We are all firm believers that in tennis, as in any sport, it's more about improving and developing as players and individuals, than it is about winning or losing. Every player that steps on the court has a desire to win – but players should gain the most satisfaction from how they performed.

We take the same approach to our coaching. We always reflect on our lessons and consider how we might improve next time. We regularly attend courses and workshops to develop our coaching, we get feedback from our coaching colleagues and share our ideas with each other. One of the coolest aspects of tennis is the game is always moving forward and we have to grow and develop with it.

We also believe that effective coaching requires an understanding of each player as an individual. The sport is as much about overcoming yourself as it is your opponent - as such it is the coach’s job to adapt to the needs of the player. We are especially proud of our students when they overcome challenges or achieve things they didn't even think they were capable of.