Private Coaching

There are coaching options available at TKHP Tennis for anyone looking to improve their game no matter what age and ability. Private lessons must be at least half an hour and group lessons at least one hour. You may also pair up or organize groups yourselves into groups (if playing levels are compatible)

The core members of our coaching staff have all completed TNZ or ITF approved coaching courses and have a number of years of experience.


Head Coach, $60.00/hr:

Hugo Nurse-Strang: ph: 022 646 0617. Email:

Assistant Head Coach, $45.00/hr:

James McGregor: ph: 022 418 0023. Email:

Assistant Coaches. , $40.00/hr 

George Wigley: ph 

Tuscany Hamel: ph 027 383 2226 

Sean Zumbraegel: ph 022 067 8802

Non-members are charged an additional $10.00/hour to cover court fees.