Court Hire - Terms and Conditions

All Court Bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions below.


1. General Terms & Conditions

1.1 In making a court hire booking (Court Hire), the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions set out here by Te Atatū Tennis Club.

1.2 All Bookings are subject to Te Atatū Tennis Club’s Code of Conduct Policy (clause 4 in this document).

1.3 Court hire rates are published at and are subject to change at Te Atatū Tennis Club’s discretion.

1.4 Te Atatū Tennis Club reserves the right to:

    1.4.1 Change these Terms and Conditions at any time

    1.4.2 Cancel any booking at short notice

    1.4.3 Reassign a Customer to a court other than the court that was originally booked.


2. Casual Court Hire Bookings

2.1 All bookings must be made online at . If required, payment can be processed via credit card.

2.2 For members bookings made at no cost, the ratio of members to non-members attending the booking must be no less than 50%. For example, bookings of a single court with 2 members and 2 non-members in attendance is allowed. However, a single court with 1 member and 3 non-members is not. In this situation, the additional guests beyond the 50% ratio are asked to pay a one-time fee of $5 to play (in the above example of 1 member with 3 non-members, this would be a total of $10).

2.3 In the event of rain, the Customer may cancel their booking by consulting (in person or on the phone) the Te Atatū Tennis Club Booking Co-ordinator (phone number is provided in the receipt email). If play has not yet commenced or has stopped before 50% of the booking period is over, the payment for the Court Hire may be refunded.

2.4 If the Customer does not notify the Booking Co-ordinator within a reasonable timeframe, payment will not be refunded.


3. Refunds

3.1 If the Customer either through their own choice or because they are unable to do so (through no fault on the part of Te Atatū Tennis Club) does not attend their Court Hire, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund.

3.2 Refunds will be granted for:

    3.2.1 Bookings cancelled by Te Atatū Tennis Club at short notice.

    3.2.2 Court Hire that has been cancelled by a customer providing a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

    3.2.3 The event of rain making the outdoor courts unsafe for play, and subject to clause 2.2


4. Code of Conduct Policy

4.1 Te Atatū Tennis Club endeavours to create a safe sporting environment. All Customers and visitors are expected to behave appropriately for the safety of themselves and others.

4.2 The Customer is responsible for the behaviour of any guests that attend the booking with them.

4.3 Acceptable attire is to be worn (e.g. Non-marking, fully enclosed shoes, no clothes with messaging or images in poor taste).

4.4 Any damage, intentional or accidental, to the facility must be reported to the Te Atatū Tennis Club Booking Co-ordinator immediately. Te Atatū Tennis Club reserves the right to direct the costs of the repairs to the Customer responsible for the damage.

4.5 All conduct and behaviour whilst using the facilities is to be of a high publicly acceptable standard. Any behaviour considered unacceptable by Te Atatū Tennis Club or its representatives will result in the person being asked to leave the facility.

4.6 Alcoholic beverages are not permitted onsite unless purchased and consumed in the clubroom.

4.7 Courts are only available for your use within the time slot that is booked. Please ensure that you leave your court on time.

4.8 At the completion of your Court Hire booking, please ensure the court area is left tidy by placing all rubbish in the courtside bins.



A portable copy of these Terms and Conditions are available for download below:

Court Hire - Terms and Conditions