Contribute to Club and Community

Johnsonville Tennis Club values the relationship we share with our sponsorship partners. In return we want to provide value from the partnership by offering corporate branding courtside, corporate tennis days, promotion of corporate products and services and social media promotion.

We are constantly improving our member experience and are planning a number of new projects. Sponsorship could include support for these projects and/or support for equipment, junior development programmes and captial improvements.

If you would like to support your community by joining our sponsorship family and having your branding courtside, sponsorship value is $1500 (incl GST) per annum

Contact the president for more information.

The Johnsonville Tennis Club wishes to thank the following sponsors for the continuing support of our club. Without their support, many of the club's facilities and activities would not be possible. 

Pub Charities  - Court Lighting, court fencing, toilet upgrade, new flooring, electrical maintenance, honours board, new club door, repainting of the tennis courts

NZ Communities Trust  - tennis balls, coaching, equipment for juniors

Johnsonville Charitable Trust - table, chairs, hand dryers, fencing

The Trusts Community Foundation  - WCC lease and building warrant of fitness

Hutt Mana Charitable Trust  - defib pads, signage, ball machine

Collective (William Yip Real Estate) - purchase of equipment for the Junior Programme


BIM Projects Limited