Coach Forums

As part of our strategic plan, Tennis Central will hold at least three Coach Forums annually.  These are a great opportunity to share communications and ideas. If you would like to submit an agenda item for discussion you can do so by sending to or ahead of the forum.

Coaches from outside Wellington are more than welcome to join via Skype.  Please make contact with us in advance so we can get this set up.  Forums are open to all coaches of all levels, spread the word.  Held at the Renouf Tennis Centre, RSVP's are not necessary and nibbles will be provided.


The purpose will be to:

  1. Open communication between Tennis Central and coaches
  2. Present opportunities for Tennis Central to better understand coaches needs
  3. Opportunity to share ideas with other coaches and Tennis Central on various areas
  4. Provide valuable and useful information to coaches to enable growth and development of their business
  5. Enhance capability
  6. Provide Tennis NZ an avenue to share coaching pathways and other relevant information



21 August 2019 - 7.30pm Renouf Tennis Centre - "How to Develop a National Champion" - Marc Paulik

6 November 2019 - 7.30pm Renouf Tennis Centre - "Mental Skills" - Natalie Hogg & Andy Walmsley

19 February 2020 - 7.30pm Renouf Tennis Centre -



26 February 2019 Coach Forum Notes - Speakers: Kelly Curr - Sport NZ, Tim Mannix - Sport Wellington, Simon Rea - Tennis NZ

14 September 2018 Coach Forum Notes - Part of TNZ National Coaching Workshop

7 June 2018 Coach Forum Notes - Speakers: Christophe Lambert, Simon Rea - Tennis NZ 

6 March 2018 Coach Forum Notes - Speaker: Patrick Landy - TNZ Coach Development Manager