Important information for Team Managers and Club Captains


With the implementation of the new Covid 19 Protection Framework from the Government to be effective from Friday 3rd December, we all, as a tennis community, will have to follow the rules applying to the orange “traffic Light system” for all interclub matches scheduled in the Post Xmas competitions. With the partnership and help of all our clubs through this process, we have been able to establish an accurate list of all the venues hosting interclub matches  and identify which venues are mandating COVID vaccine certificates / passes (except for players aged under 12 years and 3 months old) and which venues are not. Can all team managers/club captains please refer to the table below and ensure that they follow the below requirements & guidance accordingly to what venue their team is scheduled to play at every weekend:


Protection Framework Implementation for Post Xmas Interclub @ 10/01/2022


Non Mandated Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Venues:

Pukera Bay






Mungavin Courts

Upper Hutt

Karori Lawn

Non mandated venues requirements:

  • Avoid bringing any supporters/parents in order to keep numbers onsite as low as possible. The current government rule is that sport can still occur at non mandated venues as long as there are no more than 50 people onsite at any one time.
  • If you or any of your team members feel unwell, stay home.
  • Ensure that everyone is scanning the venue’s QR code on arrival.
  • For the team manager hosting the tie at its venue, ensure that someone at the club (you?) will be responsible for ensuring that no more than 50 people will be on site at any time. This can be easily achievable knowing that even if your club has 6 courts so potentially 3 Interclub ties scheduled, 6 teams would be on site so even if each team is made of 6 players, the total number still remains well below the 50 people limit.
  • Consider limiting (or closing) the access to the clubhouse.
  • Please wear masks when not playing and respect social distancing
  • Be kind and respectful to others .


Mandated Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Venues:


Paraparaumu Beach






Island Bay




Titahi Bay



Lower Hutt

Stokes Valley




Karori United


Waikanae Beach


Churton Park


Renouf Tennis Centre***

Renouf Centre***: Anyone using the Centre will be required to report to the PlanitPro Shop and present their COVID vaccine certificate and another form of ID to verify details to staff to be permitted to enter the Centre and use the facilities.  There will also be regular spot checks of Centre users by staff to ensure everyone on-site does have a COVID vaccination certificate.  It is asked that anyone that is asked to show their COVID vaccination certificate will accept that this is a legal requirement and not give staff any grief.

Mandated venues requirements:

  • Ensure prior to the weekend that all players/parents/spectators you intend to bring along are vaccinated and request them to bring their Covid Vaccine certificate/pass with them.
  • If you or any of your team members feel unwell, stay home.
  • Comply with the venue’s requirements / processes / protocols this venue (club) has put in place.
  • Ensure that everyone is scanning the venue’s QR code on arrival.
  • For the team managers hosting at their clubs, ensure that you know your clubs protocols so these can be communicated to your opposing team manager prior to the tie.
  • Please wear masks when not playing and respect social distancing
  • Be kind and respectful to others


We understand that a bit of additional work will be required from the Team Managers and/or clubs, but remember that we are just complying with the Government Protection Framework rules for the good of the community.



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