BBRC Club Squash Champs 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 trophy winners!  Thanks to everyone who took part and made it a really fun event with lots of hard fought matches, and thanks to Jarrod van Driel for organising the draw.

Our 2023 trophy winners are as follows, some of whom are pictured below:

Men's Club Champion: Paul Mason.

Women's Club Champion: Matilda Lowe.

Doubles Champions: Cameron Haswell and Martin Dowson.

Men's B Grade Champion: Mark Foxcroft.

Women's B Grade Champion: Matilda Lowe.

Men's C Grade Champion: Stuart Frear.

Women's C Grade Champion: Tina Jones.

Men's D Grade Champion: Nico Mortimer.

Women's D Grade Champion: Gayoung Lee.

Men's E Grade Champion: Oliver Lowe.

Women's E Grade Champion: Amanda Frear.

Women's F Grade Champion: Michelle Brock.

Junior Boy's Champion: Logan Donald.

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