About Us

The Browns Bay Racquets Club was originally established as a tennis club on the beach in 1948. It became an incorporated society on the 7th September 1949 (incorp number 221582). It was moved to its current location in the heart of the community in 1966 and redeveloped to include squash in 1978. We now operate as a combined facility. It is one of the largest sports clubs of its type on Auckland’s North Shore, including over 200 junior members. 

Club Communication  We email newsletters to members from time to time outlining what is happening within the club and also upcoming events.  You should also keep an eye  on this website, especially the sections on Events and News,  and our Facebook page (see the link on the homepage).  There are also several noticeboards at the Club with information so its worth checking them out regularly.  

Constitution The club operates in line with the Constitution which was set out and adopted in 2004. Please feel free to view this here. This constitution keeps the club honest and delivering the highest standard of service to everyone in our community.   The constitution will be updated in the next 12 months in line with the Incorporated Societies Act 2022. Members will be consulted about these amendments in due course.


To ensure manager is in office email bbrcmanager@bbrc.org.nz

Normal Office Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10am to 3pm , Thursday 7-10pm
Friday: 10am to midday, 4-7pm

All other correspondence:  email info@bbrc.org.nz


Ph 09 4786469

Bar Opening hours  (subject to change!)

Monday to Thursday   5.30pm to 11pm

Friday                            4.30pm to 7.30pm