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Kia ora, 
A.G.M. Tuesday 30th June,
7.00pm Rec Centre meeting rooms.
Covid 19 guidelines apply.

This is a very important meeting with two resignations on the table. This is a very supportive and selfless group of people who over quite a period of time have managed to offer a great opportunity . We are always looking for more to ease the workload on this group of volunteers. New blood always invigorates a Club and drives the Club into the future, this is what where looking for now. How you want your tennis to go? how you may see it for your children? how we move forward into the new season. 
Included now is just a small description of the individual responsibilities of each committee member.

Tracy, secretary and treasurer, taking care of our finances, our responsibilities as a charitable organisation , affiliation fees, minutes for meetings, records, insurance, liason with Nelson and NZ tennis, the most difficult job.

Jacinda, working with grant applications, and employment contract with our professional coach. Helping out Tracy in her secretarial role, Community Coach.

Nicole. our I.T expert setting up website and admin through this website, player admin. Helping out with secretarial role, Community Coach.

Wayne. Club Captain, Community coach, Adult Tennis organizer. maintenance and any construction needs.

Shauli. maintenance, court care, Adult Tennis.

Brian, Community Coach, Helping out Tracy with a vast amount of knowledge around, insurance and charitable Trust knowledge and general community arm twister. Really supportive to everyone.

Teen Coaches. helping out with our young Players.

Dave. President general facilitator between all , Nelson and NZ. Tennis.

Two resignations this year, Nicole and David, hopefully we will have some new blood to step up and fill these roles. Like most people in our community these people have very similar roles within other groups, and have decided to cut down on their work roles. It is also really important to create new enthusiasm to drive the Club forward. 

We thank you for your continual support and look forward to seeing you at the A.G.M.
Yours in Sport GB Tennis Club. 

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