Club Sessions

Club sessions are a great way for tennis players to develop their tennis skills and compete against others in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Session convenors organise a series of doubles (mixed, mens, and womens) games. Everyone is mixed up into different combinations for each round. Rounds last 20-30 minutes.

Duration.  Club sessions usually run from 2 to 4 hours. Let the convenor know before your last round if you plan to finish early.

How to join in.  Just turn up at the club and let the session convenor know you want to join in.  You'll be given a nice welcome.

Who can join.  Adult club members and visitors are always very welcome. Juniors playing in senior competitions or playing in junior Regional or A Grade competitions are always welcome too.

Cost.  Club sessions are FREE for club members.  For non-members, the casual rate applies. Learner sessions have limits on the number of casual attendances.

Session times