A Reserve

This is a new grade for the 2021-22 season for teenagers & is played at the Ashburton Trust Tennis Centre from 11 am on Saturday mornings.  All players are asked to be at the Tennis Centre no later than 10.30 am to warm up & be ready to commence play as the Jnr A, B & C games finish.

Teams are made up of three players, with three singles & two doubles games being played each week.

Fast Four rules:

  • Shorts sets to four
  • Tie breaker to 7 if 3 games all in a set, tie breaker must be 2 points clear.  Eg if 6-6, 8-6 wins and so on.
  • Match tie breaker to 10 points if 1 set all.  Tie breaker must be 2 points clear Eg if 10-10, 12-10 wins and so on.
  • No ad scoring.  If a game reaches deuce, a sudden death point is played.  This applies to both doubles & singles.  The receiving player/s choose which side they wish the server to serve to.

Dates for 2021-22 season

A Reserve will start on Saturday 16th October and will finish Saturday 18th December 2021.

There will be no A Reserve on the following dates:

  • Saturday 23rd October [Ashburton Trust Junior Open - Labour weekend]
  • Saturday 13th November [Canterbury Show weekend]
  • Saturday 3rd December [Frontrunner Bush Inn Junior Age Group Champs]

A Reserve will resume on Saturday 12th February and finishes for the season on Saturday 19th March 2022

There will be no A Reserve on the following dates:

  • Saturday 19th February [TranzAlpineHoney Graded Tournament]

End of season Prize Giving will be held at the conclusion of play on the last day of Interclub Saturday 19th March 2022.

A Reserve Teams

The teams in this grade are made up of players across all the clubs in the interests of making this competition as fair as possible across all teams.  

There are eight teams with three players playing each week.  The team list shows how the teams are to roster their stand down players.  Each tie includes three singles matches and two doubles matches, with one player from each side playing a doubles with each of their team mates.  Each week a different player must play the extra doubles.

Players arrive at 10.30 am, with games to start as soon as courts become available ie, when morning tennis finishes.  This will likely mean staggered start times.  Courts are not allocated, just play as courts become available.

Order of play is to start with a doubles and have the other players from each team ready to start their singles as soon as courts become available.  Then play the remaining singles and finish with the final doubles match.  Final doubles matches are to be played on the back courts [5-8 & 13-16] so the front courts are available for Open Grade.

Ideally we want the singles match ups to be as meaningful and competitive as possible ie, No 1s playing each other and the same for No 2s, 3s & 4s.  

Please ensure games are started promptly and all available courts are being used.  The aim is for all games to be completed by 1 pm in time for Open Grade to start.

New tennis balls are provided every second week.  Each week the balls must be collected and stored at the Tennis Centre, along with the team booklets.  These booklets have space to record the match results and the winning team needs to take a photo of the completed scoresheet & email to results@midcanterburytennis.co.nz

Gate entry is included in the team entry charged to your club.  The gate will be open for all players & spectators to enter the Tennis Centre every Saturday.

A Reserve Draw

Please click the link above for the draw for the 2021-22 season

A Reserve Points Table

Please click the link above for the A Reserve points table for the 2021-22 season