Open Grade 2022-23 season

Open Grade Interclub is one combined grade, played at the Braided Rivers Community Trust Ashburton Tennis Centre on Saturday afternoons.  Players report at 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start.  There will also be play on Friday 2nd December 2022,  Friday 17th February 2023 & Friday 24th February 2023.

Teams are made up of four players with the provision to carry a 5th player to player a singles or doubles.

Teams will play four singles matches and two doubles matches each Saturday.  Singles matches are played in ranking points order.  Top doubles must have top ranked double player, no other restrictions.

One point per win and two bonus points for team win.

Each player must pay $10 gate & match fee each week.  Players only playing one match pay $6 gate & match fee.  This money is collected in the pavilion by the duty team.

Please Note:  All teams are rostered to take turns being Duty Team each week.  Below are the instructions for the Duty Team.

Dates for Open Grade Interclub

Play commences on Saturday Saturday 8th October and will finish prior to Christmas on Saturday 17th December 2022.  There will be play on Friday 2nd December 2022.

There will be no Open Grade on the following dates:

  • Saturday 22nd October [Braided Rivers Community Trust Ashburton Junior Open - Labour weekend]
  • Saturday 12th November [Canterbury Show weekend]

Open Grade will restart for the year on Saturday 11th February and will finish Saturday 18th March 2023.  There will be play on Friday 17th February 2023 & Friday 24th February 2023.

There will be no Open Grade on the following date:

  • Saturday 25th February [Canterbury Prems playing Braided Rivers Community Trust Ashburton Tennis Centre]

End of season Prize Giving will be held prior to play on Saturday 18th March 2023 

Open Grade Teams 2022-23 season

Open Grade Draw 2022-23 season

Open Grade Duty Team Responsibilities

Duty teams are listed on the draw for each week.  Please ensure you know when your team is on duty & click the link above for the duty team responsibilities.

Points Table 2022-23 season

Open Grade Convenor

Peter Leonard
M:  027 433 2264



All cancellations & postponements will be placed on the Mid Canterbury Tennis answer machine ph 308 302 [option 3] & Mid Canterbury Tennis Facebook page by 11.30 am for Saturday games & 5 pm for Friday games.