Volunteer Awards Evening 2023

What a great evening we had at our Volunteer Awards evening at Richmond Tennis Club.

Thank you for your time and effort to all volunteers from all clubs in the Nelson region and congratulations to all the Volunteer of the year!

Volunteer of the Year 2023

Golden Bay Tennis Club: Dave Lewis

Dave has been with the club for a number of years and without him the club wouldn’t be where it is today. He volunteers to coach the little ones on every other Thursday after school as well as every Saturday and gives up his time whenever he can to encourage tennis within the bay.  Thank you Dave for being a great team player and handy for the odd coaching tip for adults too!


Mapua Tennis Club – Bridget Miller

Bridget is super efficient in all she does for the club. She is totally relied upon by the club and committee in ensuring all the processes required of the club are completed.

Alongside her committee volunteering Bridget is active in assisting the Youth Tennis for the club, transporting players, arranging fixtures, and generally providing support where the holes are. Around all this Bridget is busy running an interclub team and dealing with many club related issues as they arise.

Across all the volunteering Bridget does, she is always smiley and happy to not just help but take the problem or issue away and “deal to it”. Bridget has filled the club Secretary role for 5+ years. Thank you Bridget for your outstanding service to Māpua Tennis Club.


Upper Moutere Tennis Club – Gabrielle Waring

Gabrielle has been a long term energetic member of the Upper Moutere Tennis Club.

She has been active playing NBTA  Interclub for many, many years. She has captained our teams in the mainly B grade Ladies Competition. Yes Gabrielle is keenly competitive, as you would know if you have been on the receiving end of one of her ‘lobbing’ battles!

When asked why she keeps coming back to organise a team, for yet another year of Interclub, she responds “for the love of tennis”

Whilst off the court, Gabrielle has a love of wine and works at one of the region's vineyards. You may remember her smiley face serving a Pimms, at the annual fundraiser at the Sarau Festival, where she has often used her Bar Manager skills to charm the crowds.

Thank you Gabrielle for your contribution to Tennis!


Wakefield Tennis Club – Ed Ladley

Ed has always been a regular at the club’s working bees, always happy to help and with a smile on his face. Thank you Ed, we really appreciate all your time and effort.


Hope Tennis Club – Mike Spencer

Mike has on many occasions gone out of his way to help out with Working Bee’s, Love Tennis, Social fixtures, Club business outside of his ‘Presidents’ level of concern and to organise and run our HTC Winter Competition which has been enjoyed by a great many players in the Nelson/Tasman region.  He is the consummate sportsman and anyone who has had the privilege to work and play alongside him has found that to be an inspiring experience.  Thank you Mike for always going above and beyond!


Nelson Veterans Tennis Club – Barry Rhodes

Barry is the fix up man, council drain, door hinges, locks. Anything that really needs attention, just leave it with me he says and its always done.

Barry also has talent with the Tea making, always on time, when the rush begins, keeping up with the pour.e is great in the Kitchen  Your support allows us to continue to have an enjoyable morning at Tennis. Thanks Barry for all the work you do!



Richmond Tennis Club: Bill Guiney

Bill is very obliging and willing to help with any activity and repairs around the club. Anything from spraying weeds, repairing wind cloth, walking the street with love tennis flyers and being there as a willing volunteer.

Thank you Bill for all the work that you do behind the scenes, and we all appreciate your willingness always with a big smile.


Stoke Tennis Club – Don Baskett

Don has committed himself to keeping the ground in excellent condition for at least 8 years. His service to the club and generosity with his time is outstanding. Thank you Don, you richly deserve to be recognized for your contribution.



Tahunanui Tennis Club – Karen Bruce

Karen has been a powerhouse since joining the committee being involved in numerous projects: Love tennis, 100 year celebrations, winter ladder, driving club surveys/e mails, funding committee as well as performing her club captain duties.  Always with a smile on her face and a great positive attitude. Thank you Karen for all the work you do!




Nelson Lawn: Sholto Duncan

Sholto Duncan is an amazing club captain and deserves to be recognised for all the work he does behind the scenes and on court.

Organising interclub is a massive task for a club submitting lots of teams each season, not to mention all the questions and queries that come once interclub starts. 

Sholto is also a key organiser of tennis in the off season and pulls together teams for other interclub fixtures.

Thank you Sholto for always puts your hand up to help out with club events such as our club champs and love tennis.



Wakapuaka Tennis Club – Rachel Newton

Rachael, one of Wakapuaka’s longstanding members and loyal committee members was instrumental in tackling the many issues experienced this season with the floods and the resulting mud and silt which damaged and closed the courts. Rachael liaised with all the parties and assisted in organising the work to be done on the court surrounds and most importantly took on the mammoth task of removing all the mud and silt for the courts. This was done whilst protecting the integrity of the courts and putting them back to a playable state. This was an outstanding effort and is well worthy of recognition for her efforts in restoring the courts for club play. Thank you Rachel, you are amazing!


Nelson Bays Tennis Association - Liz Ewins

Liz you have been truly amazing, thank you for your generous commitment of time, support, and inspiration. We would like to recognize the countless hours you have given to our association.
We Truly Appreciate All Your Contributions. Thank you Liz!