Player Classification

Hotshots - young players from 4 to 12 years old, learning the game through TNZs Hotshots program. Three different Hotshots Programs, red court, orange court, green court, within each of those programs there can be different levels - beginners, intermediate and possibly advanced.

Recreational - Teenagers and adults participating to improve their skills and knowledge in order to enjoy playing the game of tennis

Club - players representing KUTC in club competition at various levels, this starts at the entry level green ball court. No age restrictions, players at club level participating based on ability levels.

Tournament - players actively participating in tournament play around the region, as well as interclub competition.

Tour - committed players seeking to improve their national ranking, competing in tournaments around the country.

Performance - dedicated players seeking to perform at a high level and compete internationally. these players are likely to target ITF events and may consider US College scholarships as a pathway.