Junior Coaching Structure

The general coaching structure will be 45 minute Hotshots Red or Orange sessions commencing at 3.15pm, followed by 60 minute Hotshots Green or Club sessions commencing at 4.00pm. Private session can be arranged from 5pm or earlier times where there is court availability. Squad training and adult sessions, 90 minutes,  scheduled for a 6pm start time.

As we will allow two courts to be available for group sessions, they can be divided into different skill level if necessary. Players can book their spot on line, by referring to the description guide on each listed grouping. Level 1 & 2 squads are to be booked on request as a certain level of ability needs to be demonstrated.

 Note that players registering for coaching are expected to register as players through KUTC, visit


to register or contact membership@karoritennis.co.nz for queries. Annual membership for under 10 (as at 1st October) is $75, 10 to 18 years old, annual membership of $120.