Tennis Hotshots is a world class tennis programme for 4 - 12 year olds. At hundreds of venues across New Zealand and Australia, it is a safe, fun way to get into tennis. Smaller courts, shorter racquets and softer balls mean that kids can play a proper game of tennis from the moment they step on court. Kids are encouraged to work together or independently on tasks so they are always active and involved.

Hotshots Blue (3 & 4 year olds) not yet offered at KUTC, focus is on motor skills and hand / eye co-ordination.

Hotshots Red (5 & 6 year olds) mini courts / nets and felt balls used, a good starting point to introduce youngsters to the game.

Hotshots Orange (7 to 9 year olds) three quarter court, 50% pressure balls, players now physically capable of running around a larger court space to cover the ball.

Hotshots Green (8 to 12 year olds) full sized court used with 75% pressure balls, older beginners and also the entry level to interclub competitions.

Hotshots Red and Orange sessions scheduled for 45 minute sessions, commencing at 3.15pm a cost of $144.90 for a nine week term. Hotshots Green sessions scheduled for 60 minute sessions commencing at 4.00pm a cost of $175.95 for a nine week term. Each session may be split into either beginner intermediate or advanced groups once final numbers have been confirmed. You may register for these classes online.