Monday & Tuesday mornings Senior Interclub - entries by 15th July

Do you want to improve your game and play Women's (or Mixed ) Doubles, either competitively or socially, as part of a team this summer?

Registrations are closing soon for the 2024/25 midweek interclub season.  If you haven't received the email and submission form and are interested to participate, please contact Raewyn at

We always welcome new players! Submissions close Monday 15th July so don't wait!

The NORTH SHORE LADIES DAY TENNIS Womens Doubles competition (or "midweek interclub") runs from (mid) October through to March/April with a break during school and public holidays. It is played weekly, alternating between home and away (North Shore only) rounds, 2 matches per rostered player, starting at 9.30am (and usually completed by 12-noon/1pm). The Social and C grades play Mondays whilst the Premier, A and B grades play Tuesdays.  Also please note that MEN are welcome to enter the Social Grade on Mondays.

Last season, we entered seven teams and based on last year's entries,  we anticipate we will have a wide range of playing grades available (e.g. A1, A2, A3, B2, C1, C2 and Social grades). 

If you would like to play this season you will need to complete a registration form so we can take into account your playing level,  preferences, availability and ambitions into account. You can sign up as a team member if you are available to play for 80% of those matches. If not, we welcome your support and involvement and encourage you to register as a "reserve" if you could cover even the occasional game through the season. Please note if you are not listed to do this before the set deadlines, you can not play at any time during that half of the season

Here's to a fun and competitive summer season!