General Info

For members


St HeliersTennis Club offers excellent facilities for its members. Here is everything you need to know:

Membership Options

  • Junior (17 Years of Age and Under)
  • Student (Under 25 Years of Age with Student ID)
  • Senior (18+, including Mid Week Ladies + Interclub)
  • Couples Discount
  • Family Discount
  • Veteran (over 65 Years of Age)

Club House

  • The clubhouse is open on club days and when the coach is in attendance.
  • You can contact a Committee Member directly or email our club Manager on
  • Please ensure all doors are locked if you are the last to leave.

Pro Shop

There is a proshop, which is open when coaches are at the club. Most afternoons from 3-7:30pm, but text Rachel for hours. You will be able to purchase strings and grips. For clothing, please order online -  

Restringing service also available. 


  • The courts are numbered 1 to 5 in the  larger bay, starting from the court nearest to the Clubhouse. 6 and 7 are not floodlit .
  • The artificial grass surface is damaged by incorrect footwear and by cigarettes, so please no smoking. The court lights are on a time switch and automatically turn off at 10pm. To extend lamp life, please leave the lights on if others are booked after you.


The Key opens the gates to the courts, enables entrance to the Clubhouse to use bathroom facilities and turn on/off the floodlights. 

  • Please shut the gates to the courts when you leave and ensure all clubhouse doors are locked.
  • A charge is made for lost keys.

Court Allocation

Please note: Court bookings on the online system will take preference over just turning up.