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Rescheduling matches due to Covid 


HVT are aware that the now widespread Omicron variant of Covid is in our tennis community and will potentially hit your Interclub teams before the season finishes.  If you, or your opposition is unable to field a team due to members having to isolate, it is our view that the match should be rescheduled.  Covid is not to be used as an excuse to gain a default win over your opposition, as the circumstances are beyond their control.  Wherever possible it would be ideal to see the matches rescheduled before the season finishes, but we are happy for the season to be extended by two weeks to allow affected matches to be played.
As a guide, if a team has 3 or more players affected by Covid and having to isolate, a reschedule is recommended.  If only one player is affected, then it would be expected that a team would find a reserve to replace them.  If 2 players from a team are affected, then it would be up to team managers or captains to come to a suitable arrangement that both teams are happy with.  If teams cannot come to an agreeable arrangement then they will need to contact their convenor (Juniors – Michelle, Seniors – Mark) for a final decision.
We hope we can all get through this testing time safely together.


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