Free Coaching in Terms 1 and 4

Included in the Junior Membership package at Mairangi Bay Tennis Club is 16 free coaching sessions! These are run on Saturday mornings for beginner players and throughout the week for interclub players with their interclub team. The sessions are split into are eight sessions in Terms 1 and 4. 


Saturday Morning Programme

The saturday morning programme is run by our head coach, Blair O'Brien with help from his assistant coaches. The kids participating in these programmes range from complete beginners to intermediate players who are almost of the level to play competitively. At the start of each term sessions will be focussed on the basics and build up so that every kid knows how to play a match by the end of the term. 

Our Sessions 

Red Ball (kids aged 5-8) from 10-10.45 am

Orange Ball (kids aged 8-10) from 11-12 pm

Yellow/Green Ball (aged 10-18) from 9-10 am


Interclub Programme

The interclub programme is run on weekday afternoons. Days and times are arranged by the head coach and will differ between teams. Interclub players will be informed of their team's training time prior to the session start dates in Terms 1 and 4. These sessions are run by either our head coach or his assistant coach and are focussed on developing a wide range of skills including technical and match play skills.


Pay-to-Play/Private Coaching

For information on further coaching click on the following links:

Junior Group Coaching 

Private Lessons


Further information about Membership and Free Coaching:

Club Mananger: Sam Wrightson


Mobile: 027 479 4271