Club Handicaps

The Club Handicaps is a points adjusted tournament so that anyone who enters has a chance to win.  The points adjustments are based on your skill level so that you have a balanced game.  The singles is Sunday, November 22nd from 1pm to 5pm and the doubles and mixed doubles on Sunday, November 29th also from 1pm to 5pm.  Partners are drawn to make this more fun.

To enter write your name on the list at club or send an email to

This competition is open to all senior club members and invited older juniors.  The competition will take priority over social club play on those days.


Men's SIngles Winner: Tom F, Runner Up: Simon W

Ladies Singles Winner: Tatyana B, Runner up: Anastasia R

Men's Doubles Winners:  Simon E & Kevin J, Runners Up: Chris W & John C

Ladies Doubles Winners: Tatyana B & Elisabeth E, Runners Up: Mandi S & Sharon W

Mixed Doubles Winners: Brian K & Raewyn H, Runners Up: John C & Elisabeth E