Club Sessions

We have a number of club sessions where members can join in social play.  We make up the games so that people get a good variety of games and accommodate each players level.  This is a great way to meet people and get involved in the club.  Our regular sessions are:

Senior Club Play (adults)

Tuesday - 5pm to 7:30pm - singles play

Wednesday - 7pm to 9pm

Sunday - 2pm to 4pm

Mid Week Play

Wednesday 9am to 12 - casual players welcome ($10 fee per visit)

Vets Group

Thursday 9am to 12 - casual players welcome ($5 fee per visit)


Our junior club sessions are broken down further by age group and ability 

Friday - 3:30pm to 8pm

Saturday - 8:20am to 11am (2 courts)

See Junior section for more details