How to Book


  1. Press any button on the keypad to wake the device up.
  2. Key in a valid access code then press the UNLOCK key. The status indicator will flash GREEN twice and sound 4 short beeps (ascending) once unlocked.
  3. If you have incorrectly entered the code the status indicator light will flash RED twice and sound 4 short beeps. Confirm the correct access code and try again. If you have partially entered the access code press the BACK ARROW button (bottom left) to reset, then try again.
  4. Pull down on the padlock to open. Leave the gate unlocked while you are playing.



Locking up is important to keep our venue safe for our community!

When your session time is completed, and ONLY if there is no one else at the courts, please follow these three steps:

  1. Please check the side gates are locked internally.
  2. Please close the main gate behind you.
  3. Refit the smart lock on the gate and push the shackle back into lock until fully locked.

The lock will make a long beep sound, and the LED status indicator light above the keypad will flash GREEN for 2 seconds indicating the Smart Padlock is successfully locked.