Chelsea Cup 2024

The prestigious Chelsea Cup 2024 season starts soon.  BBRC has entered a men’s team and a women’s team with some additional players from the Mairangi Bay Tennis Club.

The teams are being sponsored by BBRC and Elliot Le Petit (Tennis Global).

Elliot has successfully recruited some of the top players in the country to represent BBRC.  The teams comprise some of our own members as well as players from throughout New Zealand.

Men will start on the 9th February and play 7 rounds before starting the play offs on the 5th April with the final being on the 12th April at Albany Tennis Park.

The women will start on the 23rd February and play 5 rounds before starting the playoff rounds on the 5th April with the final being on the 12th April at Albany Tennis Park

All of the matches are played on the North Shore or in Silverdale.  See dates and venues for the matches below.

Please support our teams by attending these events where you will witness some top-class tennis.  We plan to have the bar open for our home games and also hope to make food available.

These are fun filled events and the players will appreciate your support!

For information, please use the links below.


Link to online Draws:    ”

Team Members:                                     

  • Jade Lewis                                         S2       D2
  • Jenny Zhang                                     S3       D5
  • Leah Patuwairua                              S4       D5
  • Hana Rose                                         S4       D5
  • Ella O'Malley                                      S4       D4
  • Mina Zhang                                       S6       D6
  • Jessica Wong                                   S6       D4
  • Lilian Zhang                                      S6       D6
  • Chelsea Wijntjes                               S6       D7
  • Isabella Pejcic                                  S6       D3     Captain
  • Nina Torres                                        S8       D3
  • Amy Gibb                                           S7       D3
  • Kay Luv                                              S6       D2
  • Rachael McDonald                            S6       D4


Link to online Draws:

Team Members:

  • Finn Tearney                    S2   D2
  • Daniel Brown                   S2    D2
  • Aaron Hicks                      S2    D3
  • Elliot Le Petit                    S3    D4  Captain
  • Kevin Li                             S3    D6