Friday mornings finds a lively group of over 50’s out on tennis courts 1-5. Most Vets are retirees in their 60’s and 70’s keen to play tennis both for exercise and for the enjoyment of making new friends and seeing old ones.

Doubles games are organised from 9 a.m. until 11:30 in a round robin of partnerships over the course of the morning. Skill levels vary, but it’s amazing how simply playing regularly improves skills, agility, and endurance. Anyone can take a tea and biscuit break and socialise a while, but then they’re back on the court for the next 20-25 minute round of play.

The Vets have made a great contribution to BBRC since 1985. They have volunteered in many capacities, adding to the life and growth of the Club over the decades.

Current participants include many full or midweek social members who enjoy a Friday morning hit-up that is both casual but a bit competitive as well. Overseas visitors frequently appear, often as annual regulars. Vets from other clubs also find BBRC a great place to enjoy a day of exercise and camaraderie. BBRC vets host a Christmas tournament and luncheon and engage in senior tournaments at area clubs.


The annual membership $120 this includes maintenance fee.

Guests $10

Regulars find the most economical option the “midweek social” membership. Some who are keen to play even more during the week opt up to a midweek social membership that lets them play organised Wednesday morning midweek social tennis (all ages) as well as other daytimes (not evenings or weekends)

Inquiries should be made to the club manager for joining BBRC at the appropriate level, which can even include family memberships as well as adding weekends and evenings.