Tennis in New Zealand was restructured into 6 regions in 2007, with Tennis Central Region established as the regional organisation responsible for tennis in the geographic areas of Hutt Valley, Kapi Mana, Manawatu, Taranaki, Wairarapa, Wanganui and Wellington. The Constitution of Tennis Central Region identifies all tennis clubs from these seven geographic areas to be the members of Tennis Central Region. It was agreed between Tennis Central Region and the following associations that in the best interests of the clubs, individual associations would remain primarily responsible for tennis delivery in their areas along with the collection of annual affiliation fees used to meet association objectives.


Tennis Central Region will coordinate agreed items for the benefit of the entire Central region, which means the services are delivered to Tennis Associations its clubs and its affiliated tennis participants

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING - Tennis Central Region Service Provision


Hutt Valley Tennis Association 

Taranaki Tennis Association

Whanganui Tennis Association

Tennis Manawatu Association

Wairarapa Tennis Association


Wellington Tennis Incorporated

Wellington Tennis Incorporated (WTI) was formed in 1908 for the purpose of acting as a provincial body for the administration and development of tennis in the Wellington province.  As part of the reorganisation of the administration of tennis in New Zealand in 2007, Tennis Central Region Incorporated (TCRI) was formed to administer and develop tennis in the Central Region, including the Wellington province.  As a result, many of the functions previously performed by WTI were passed to TCRI.  WTI remains in operation for one specific task and that is as the owner of the Renouf Tennis Centre, located on Brooklyn Road in Wellington.  WTI also holds a reserve lease from Wellington City Council on the land at Central Park.  WTI's members are the 17 Wellington tennis clubs.

Constitution Wellington Tennis Inc