Hot Shots

2018-19 Summer Season

We are currently taking registrations for Hot Shots coaching with some time slots full.   Please contact to enquire or   Register here

Term 1 :   Friday/Saturday  1st/2nd February 2019, and finishes 29th/30th March. 

Tennis Hot Shots Coaching

Tennis Hot Shots (THS) is our programme for all young juniors (usually aged between 5 and 12 yrs) who are relatively new to the game and/or need to develop their skills further before they play competitive matches on a full court. The THS coaching programme (complemented by Community play and extra practice) will ultimately prepare juniors to play in an interclub team.

For more information please follow this link:      Hot Shots Coaching Levels


TKHP Hot Shots Community Play 

Come along and have a go : Sunday 2.30 - 3.30pm (10th February -31st March 2019)

 - free for members or $5 per person (second sibling is free) for visitors to join in.

The community play aspect of the THS programme is all about doing it, playing for fun, mainly cooperative play with a tinge of competition for those who want it. It is not coaching (but we offer that on Friday afternoon & Saturday mornings). The courts, balls and racquets are all small to suit smaller players. This makes it a lot easier and much more fun. We have plenty of loaner rackets if you want to try out.

Kids often start around age four, and beginning games are designed to build pre tennis skills while being fun to play.

Tim Preston runs most of our sessions often helped by Christine Yap. Contact Tim or 027-6414301 for more information.