Information for Non-Members/Casual Players

Kilbirnie Tennis Club welcomes non-members (casual players).

Casual players may use the TigerTurf courts on a pay-per-session basis when they are available. Casual players are not able to book courts in advance but can see when they are available here

Casual players may also join club sessions on a pay-per-session basis. Adult Leaner sessions have limits on the number of casual attendances.


$10 per person per session.

How to pay

Preferred method is to pay into our bank account (published on the notice board outside the clubrooms). You can also pay by cash into the honesty box just below the notice board.

Terms and Conditions

  • Open hours.  The TigerTurf courts are available for casual play between 8am and 30minutes before sunset.
  • Health & Safety.  Be sure to follow the club Health & Safety policies and procedures.  In particular:
    - Pay attention to the safety of other people.
    - Remove balls from court surface before playing.
    - Wait for points to be completed before walking behind players on a court.
    - Place no furniture, heavy, or sharp objects on any court surface.
    - Use only tennis shoes.
    - Consume only water. Take no food, coffee, tea, or other beverage other than water onto the courts.
    - Do not enter neighbour’s properties to retrieve balls.
  • SynPave courts and clubrooms. These are not available to non-members unless accompanied by a club member.
  • Court bookings. Court bookings are not available to non-members. You can see court bookings here though.
  • Vacating courts. Please vacate courts if they have been booked.  Court bookings have precedence over casual play.
  • Security. Remember to close the gates when you leave.

Help the Club and Community

These courts are a valuable asset for your local community. Please enjoy them but remember we need your financial support to survive. Remind all casual players in your group to pay and, if you play once a month or more, please consider becoming a member - we'd love for you to join us.