Junior Programme

Kilbirnie Tennis Club has a strong junior membership and offers a range of social, development, and competition pathways for junior club members. All programmes are provided in close association with our professional ONE COMMUNITY TENNIS coaching partner.

  • Pathways: Information and charts of social/development/competition programmes available at Kilbirnie Tennis Club, where your child should start, and how your child can move from one programme to another.

Group coaching and social tennis

  • Hot Shots:  Coaching for 5-12 year olds who are new to tennis to develop their skills faster.
    FREE: 16 weeks of 1-hour lessons on Sundays through Terms 4 and 1.
  • Novice Training:  Focused training for novice interclub players who are starting to play competitive interclub tennis.
    FREE: 16 weeks of 1-hour lessons on Fridays through Terms 4 and 1.
  • Junior Play: Weekly club sessions for 9-12 year olds who want to practise their tennis in a relaxed, fun environment. Suitable for all abilities.
    FREE: 16 weeks of 1-hour Junior Play sessions on Fridays through Terms 4 and 1.
  • Teen Tennis:  Dedicated club sessions for teens of all abilities to enjoy tennis together. A social session which includes free BBQ.
    FREE: 16 weeks of 2-hour sessions on Fridays through Terms 4 and 1.
    FREE: 16 weeks of 1.25-hour sessions on Fridays through Terms 2 and 3.
  • Holiday Camps:  Fun tennis games and other activities during school holidays.

Competitive tennis

  • Interclub:  Information for parents and players on how interclub works and how to sign up, and information for team managers.
  • Club championships:  Annual club tournament to find club champions at different competitions and grades. FREE for club members.
  • Tournaments:  Keep up to date with our links to upcoming regional, national, and ITF Junior Circuit Tournaments.

Skills development

  • Hot Shots Coaching: Coaching at Kilbirnie Tennis Club for juniors aged 5-12 years new to tennis. This is similar to the club sponsored Hot Shots coaching, but with smaller classes, these course offer more focused development plans. 
  • Individual Coaching:  Individual or small group coaching is available year-round at Kilbirnie Tennis Club.  This provides focused and personalised coaching for juniors of all abilities who wish to hone and improve on specific aspects of their game.
  • Squads:  Group coaching for determined and developing players aged 12+. Squads build technique, consistency, tactics, and strategy and are recommended for those playing interclub.  Squads are available year-round at Kilbirnie Tennis Club.
  • Academies:  Advanced coaching for juniors interested in NZ Nationals, NZ Tier 2 & 3 Junior Masters tournaments, Asia/Pacific ITF circuit tournaments, and US college scholarships.  Self-funded academies, with three, four, or more 2.5 hour squads per week, are available year-round indoors at the Renouf Regional Tennis Centre.