Terms & Conditions

Court Usage Policy
Waikato Tennis Centre court usage policy for indoor and outdoor courts.

The below policy regulations must be observed at all times when booking venues, Waikato Indoor Tennis Centre or Waikato Tennis Centre - Outdoor courts through the Pay2Play website. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a court hire penalty of $50 per offence, invalidation of court access and future use. Waikato Tennis Trust (WTT) reserves the right to decline, amend or cancel any court bookings and / or deny access to the courts where there are breaches of the below policy. Any disputes arising from the below policy will be dealt with in accordance with the WTT Constitution.

Any incidents and/or identified hazards should be reported immediately or soon as possible to the Administration office during office hours or by contacting the Centre Manager on 021 2700 798 or by emailing manager@waikatotennis.org.nz.

1) Health & Safety
WTT is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable facility to all its users. It is the responsibility of all users to follow the below guidelines to ensure safe usage of the Waikato Tennis Centre (WTC) and it’s facilities. All users need to ensure they are familiar with the Emergency Evacuation procedure displayed around the WTC and on our website under Health & Safety section on our website– read the Emergency Management section (page 9) in the Health & Safety Policies & Procedures document.
a) Use appropriate equipment to reduce and manage the risk of injury
I. Appropriate footwear to be used being clean and NON-MARKING Court shoes.
II. Only approved sport specific equipment to be used on the court. Non-specific equipment must be approved by WTC staff prior to use.
III. Wear comfortable clothing which does not restrict the movements required to play sport as this may result in injuries.
IV. For after-hours use of the WTC courts, ensure you have suitable first aid equipment and a mobile phone in case of injury and/or emergencies.
b) Keep the courts clear from any obstacles which may interfere with play
I. Remove balls from the court area if not in use.
II. Keep the immediate area surrounding the court(s) clear to allow for sufficient “run-off” space.
III. Avoid having any other equipment on the court(s) other than rackets and balls.
IV. Ensure that other people present at WTC keep clear of the playing area.
V. Keep an extra eye on young children and make sure they are aware of the dangers when coming too close to the playing area.
c) Ensure the court playing surface is clean and dry
I. All users should check the court playing surface before playing to ensure it is free from condensation caused by cold weather, severe rain and/or humidity outside, which can cause the playing surface to become slippery.
II. All users to check that the court playing surface is free from spilled water and / or perspiration caused by previous users.
III. If after checking the courts and removing any substances, the playing surface still feels slippery then play should be cancelled or suspended until the surface has been checked by WTC staff. Signs have also been displayed around the WTC to notify users “CAUTION COURTS ARE SLIPEPRY WHEN WET, USE AT OWN RISK”.

2) Court & Stadium User Etiquette
a) Play on unlit courts is NOT permitted under any circumstances.
b) Players/Clubs may NOT play on courts booked by other users unless permission has been given by the person that booked the court(s).
c) The court booking (person) MUST be present at the WTC at all times when his/her name is being used for a court booking.
d) Use CLEAN & NON-MARKING shoes ONLY to avoid dirt coming onto courts and courts being damaged.
e) Players must vacate the court area as soon as the booking has finished.
f) No food is to be consumed on the court.
g) Respect other users by:
I. Using appropriate clothing (shirts should not be removed while playing).
II. Using appropriate language.
III. Not causing unnecessary loud noise.
h) Respect our WTC by:
I. Cleaning up after yourself.
II. Putting rubbish in the bins provided.
III. Not abusing or causing damage to equipment provided by WTC.

3) Waikato Tennis Centre Security
a) Only WTC staff, Club Captains and authorised people are allowed to use the door “latch” to keep the front doors open to either the Perry Indoor Tennis Arena or Lugton Squash Building (access to outdoor tennis courts), all other users should NOT use the latch to keep the front doors open.
b) If you find the front door open upon arrival, then you may leave it open as you arrive.
c) Upon exiting the WTC close and lock the front door if:
I. The office is closed or;
II. You are the last person out or;
III. Very few people are still playing or;
IV. It’s after 9pm.
d) Emergency exit doors are alarmed. Emergency doors are NOT to be used unless there is an emergency which requires immediate evacuation.