Who We Are

The association is supported by an executive committee who meet on a monthly basis, every second Monday evening of the month.  Club delegates and members are welcomed to monthly meetings.  NBTA employs an Adminstrator and a Coordinating Officer for mangement of events and programmes througout the year. with an honorarium part-time Junior Convenor completing the management team.

NBTA run 4 quarterly clubs meetings spaced out through the year to allow clubs to make cantact and share ideas, information and club development.   Monthlty meetings take place every second Monday of the month, all welcome to join. Contact Ali alison@tennisnelson.co.nz



Management team

Ali Telford, Regional Tennis Coordinator, 0273891102, alison@tennisnelson.co.nz

Robyn Sheves, Administrator, 0212423790, admin@tennisnelson.co.nz

Executive Committee

President – Glen Johnson, 

Vice President – Liz Ewins, 

Financial convenor – Lee Fleming

Senior Convenor – Trish Wehner, 

Junior Convenor - Kate Robinson  02102584900 kate@tennisnelson.co.nz


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