Club Championships

This competition is run across four weekends in March and April each year. Participants are entered into a draw and are assigned a match per competition they play in each weekend. Those that lose in the first round are entered into the plate competition. It is a great opportunity to see our best and brightest playing against each other. The tournament receives significant support each year with many club members coming down to support the event and share a drink or two.


Current Champions (2022)

Senior Winners

Men's Singles: Terry Lee (R/U Bailey Sutton)

Ladies Singles: Celine Schneider (R/U Muhan Cui)

Men's Doubles: Justin O’Malley/Bailey Sutton (R/U Blair Cressy/Liam Hanley)

Ladies Doubles: Ella O’Malley/Muhan Cui (R/U Eleanor Koningham/Sheila George)

Mixed Doubles: Bailey Sutton/Rochelle Pattinson (R/U Justin & Ella O’Malley)


Men's Singles Plate: Mike Barry

Ladies Doubles Plate: Sandra Choi/Sonya Baye

Men's Doubles Plate: Nick Reiser/Callum Dickison

Mixed Doubles Plate: Tony Robertson/Celine Schneider


120+ Ladies Dubs: Sheila George/Kirsten Dickison

120+ Men's Dubs: Mark Smith/Mark Andeline

120+ Mixed Dubs: Mike Barry/Janice Larmer