Business House

BUSINESS HOUSE 2024 – Entries are now open


Registrations for the 2024 New Year Business House Competition, sponsored by Port of Tauranga, are now open. Limited to 18 teams !  Registrations close Monday 29th January.

Play starts on the 1st February for nine weeks, concluding on the 28th March with a finals night.

Entry is $200.00 per team.  You must register and pay to confirm your teams registration by Monday 29th January 2024 !


Game Play:
• Two matches are played. Teams can keep or mix their pairs for each round.
• Warm up starts at 5:45pm, Games must start no later 6:00pm.
• Handicap scoring system is to be used and winner is the first team to win 7 games.
• Scoring shall be 1 point for each game won by each team.
• Play one normal deuce, then the second will be a short deuce (serve to same gender opponent when possible).  The exception is if the game score is 7-7, in which case play the deuce out in full.

• A team consists of any combination of four players.
• Competitive teams may have at most one premier grade player per team (A current or premier player in the last five years for any club). Social teams are not allowed a premier player.
• All Players (including reserves) must be aged 18 or over at the start of the competition unless prior approval given otherwise.
• The Server must call the score before serving each point.
• If delayed by no show of opposing team by 5:00pm first rubbers may be declared ‘won’ by default by either the challenging team or Match Committee.
• If you are forced to default for whatever reason you must advise the opposing team asap.
• The draw will ensure courts 1-4 (Rebound Ace) and 5-9 (Astro-Turf) are shared equally throughout the teams.
• Each Captain is responsible for organising reserves if necessary and these should be noted on the entry form at the outset. An up to date list of reserves will be available on this site.
• Reserves can only be used if a listed player is unavailable to play that night. It is not acceptable to swap players to strengthen your team based on opposition.
• Each Captain is responsible for recording their team results. If no scores are noted no points will be awarded.
• Injury: In the event of a player being injured a replacement may step in to complete the matches. Any other request for replacement of players during a match where injury is not a factor is at the discretion of the opposing team.
• If due to weather the tennis has to be cancelled, team captains will be notified by email before 5:00pm. They need to let their teams know.
• If rained off the matches are played following week.
• Any other such rules as imposed by the Match Committee at their sole discretion.


mobile: 027 524 9438