Membership Recognition

LIFE MEMBERS: Since 1927 and small group of members have been awarded Life Membership of Ngataringa Tennis Club in recognition of their significant contribution to the running and development of the club. The integrity of this honour is closely guarded and a committee made up of recipients of the award ie existing life members meets to consider and ratify any new nominations.  In 2017, the club introduced a new level of honour, the 40-Year Pin.  This recognises long-standing membership.  Here are the lists of recipients of both awards:

LIFE MEMBERS      1927 – 2022

  Charles M. Browne
  L. Stanway Bates
1945 Mrs G. Bates
1945 H. Anderson
1945 T.M Pollard
1945 A.J. Dickson
1946 Mrs M. Pollard
1951 H.H. Hoyte
1958 Kathleen Lund
1960 Bonnie Lund
1964 N.H. Hume
1971 J. Colcough
1974 Laurel Jonkers
1977 Eileen Slark
1977 Joyce Stevens
1981 Colin Bowley
1984 George Glyde
1990 Geoff Sutherland
1990 Karen Leyden
1992 Dianne Hale
1997 Maureen Nute
2000 Toni Green
2001 Stan Pearson
2005 Cheryl Aitken
2005 Gail Lyons
2005 Raewyn Rumble
2007 David Aitken
2017 John O'Toole
2018 Allen Foster
2022 Peter Restall




40 Year Pin Recipients

Awarded 2017 John Sheehan
" Alan Revie
" Allen Foster
" Bryan Claridge
" Cheryl Aitken
" Sonya Northgrave
" Andrew Claridge
" Frances Downs


Please advise the club if you know of any other members who have reached this milestone, or when you reach the 40-year mark yourself. Email