Senior Interclub

Interclub is fun and a great way to improve your game and meet your wider tennis community! Senior interclub is available to all adult club members.

* You can join as a full time player or reserve. 
* Matches alternate between home and away games. 
* The Summer Season Season starts mid-Sep/mid-Oct till March with a break over the school holidays.
* The Winter Season runs from late April to mid-September.

☀️ TENNIS NORTHERN SUMMER COMPETITION: contact the Club Captain to enter.
SATURDAY Mixed Doubles (4 ladies & 4 men) - 2 matches, 1pm start
WESDNESDAY Ladies Singles (teams of 4) - 1 singles, 1 doubles, 6pm start
THURSDAY Ladies Doubles (teams of 4) - 2 matches, 6.30pm start
MONDAY / TUESDAY Men's Singles (teams of 4) - 1 singles, 1 doubles, 6pm start
THURSDAY Men's Doubles (teams of 4) - 2 matches, 6.30pm start
All competions above are played fortnightly.

☀️ TENNIS NORTHERN SINGLES: contact to enter.
Played MONDAYS 7pm (Forrest Hill or Albany Tennis Park).


☀️NORTH SHORE LADIES DAY TENNIS: contact the Midweek Convenor to enter.
WOMEN DOUBLES are played weekly, 2 matches, 9.30-2pm approx.  (C grade MONDAYS, Premier/A/B grades TUESDAYS). Fits within the school day for those of you who have children in school.


❄️ TENNIS NORTHERN WINTER INTERCLUB: contact contact the Club Captain to enter.
THURSDAY Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles  (teams of 4)  - 2 matches, 6.30pm start, fortnightly play;
SATURDAY Mixed Doubles (2 ladies & 2 men) - 2 matches, 1pm start, fortnightly play.
MUTUALLY AGREED - Men and Women Singles - 1 singles match, 7 rounds weekly.


❄️ LADIES WINTER  INDOOR LEAGUE: contact to enter.
Played indoors at the Albany Tennis Park. Open to all players. Players do not have to be a member an affiliated club to play indoor competitions. Grab your friends and form a team. It's great fun and a valuable opportunity to improve your tennis over winter  and play with a variety of players.
WOMEN DOUBLES, played weekly, 2 matches, 10.30am-12:30pm & 12:30pm – 2.30pm (B & C grades MONDAYS, Prem & A grades TUESDAYS).