Member Bookings

How to book a court as a member

Step 1 - Log into your ClubSpark account


Navigate to and click 'Sign in' at the top right.


Enter your username and password and press enter.


Check that your name appears at the top right (or the main contact if you are part of a family membership package), then select the 'Book A Court' tab.

Step 2 - Booking a Court


Find the day and timeslot you would like to book and click the box for the start of the session (you can play for more than 30 minutes).


Adjust the time to suit the length of the booking you would like and press 'Book Now'.


You will see your booking details.  You will also receive an email confirmation.

You can view (and cancel) your upcoming court bookings in ClubSpark.  If you have booked a court but end up not being able to play, please cancel the booking as soon as you are able to as this frees up the court for someone else to book.

If at any point you are shown a price ($) or are asked to make a payment, please do not continue - as a member you are able to book for no charge and we may need to adjust your profile to match your membership. 


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